Third Grade Learning Studio

What is the third grade learning studio?

The Third Grade Learning Studio at Riverview Elementary is a collaborative learning environment where students work with multiple teachers to meet their individual needs. At various times, students work independently, in small groups, and as a class. Teachers model collaboration skills daily as they team-teach and trade subjects based on personal strengths. 

What about class size? 
The learning studio has the same or smaller student/teacher ratio than a traditional classroom. Students often work in small groups and are rarely all together at one time. 

How is classroom noise managed? 
Visitors to the learning studio often remark that it is quieter than a traditional classroom. Students set expectations for their own behavior at the start of the school year and they are held to those expectations, which include ways to create a respectful learning environment. 

What are students saying about it?

"I like the learning studio because there are different ways to learn for different people." – Emma S.

"All teachers are different. You can listen to all the different things they want to teach you. They all explain stuff differently." –Lauren

"I feel safe in the learning studio because I know all of the 3rd grade teachers". –Robbie

"I like learning in the learning studio because you get to separate into different groups with kids from other classes and there a lot of teachers to help when you need it." –Alex

"There is a lot of support and a lot of help in the learning studio." – Shelby

"I like the learning studio because I know there will always be a teacher there that I know." –Dylan

"I like learning from a lot of different teachers. They might have other advice or explain things differently. If one teacher can’t help you with something, some teacher can." –Kamryn

What are teachers saying about it? 

"It's been more fun to teach."

"[The Learning Studio] has made me a better teacher; listening, and hearing what another teacher is doing, and learning from them."

"[The Learning Studio] allows teachers to aid students better."  

Is more information available?
Yes! More information can be found by:

  • Calling the school at 651-460-1600
  • View this brochure: RVES 3rd grade brochure.pdf